Unemployment Jumps For County In December

The Fulton County December 2016 estimated unemployment rate of 4.6% represents a jump of six-tenths of one percentage point from November, when the rate was 4%. Figures from the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services show that Fulton County was following a statewide trend. Across the 88 counties in Ohio, 81 had unemployment rates increase; rates stayed the same […]

Man Reports Theft In Auto Transaction

Benjamin Louis Gomez, 18, Archbold, told Archbold police he had sent money for the purchase of a vehicle, but became suspicious about the transaction. The police report states between Jan. 1-20, Gomez attempted to purchase a vehicle from an individual. Gomez said he provided gift card numbers and PINs, or personal identification numbers, to the person totaling $1,500. But when […]

What To Do About Heroin

At a roundtable discussion of weekly newspaper editors, held during the Ohio Newspaper Association convention last week, the topic of heroin and opiate addiction was discussed. The shocking result: most editors at the table agreed that heroin and opiate addiction is a major problem in all our communities. One editor told of talking with a group, all of whom have […]

Crime Stopper

Fulton County Crime Stopper seeks help to solve the theft of a semi tractor. On Jan. 7, a 2005 dark purple conventional-style semi tractor was taken from the 3000 block of Co. Rd. A, rural Swanton. The sleeper cab has the word Expeditus, with a knight’s helmet. The auxiliary power unit has a picture of a grim reaper. The vehicle […]

Harassment Report Filed

A representative of Career Staffing, Archbold, filed a report with Archbold police on Wednesday, Feb. 8, concerning telecommunications harassment. The representative said an ex-employee called the company seeking an old W- 2 tax form, and was told it would take time to produce. The victim reported the caller used vulgar language during the call. The victim wanted a report on […]

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2007 The Archbold Area School Board is considering offering retirement incentives to veteran teachers as a costsaving measure. David Deskins, superintendent, said the savings to the district could be substantial, on the order of $2 in savings for every $1 invested. Deskins emphasized if even one veteran teacher out of the 19 eligible took […]

Mailbox Struck

A Fulton County sheriff report indicates an unknown vehicle struck a mailbox in the 5000 block of Co. Rd. 20. The report indicates the unknown vehicle was traveling south and struck the mailbox at 5480 Co. Rd. 20, owned by Jason A. Williams. The vehicle fled the scene. The incident was reported to deputies at 6:10 pm, Sunday, Jan. 29.

Suspicious Letter Received

John A. Wilson, 83, 68 Hawthorn Dr., told Archbold police he received a suspicious letter, Tuesday, Feb. 7. Wilson said the suspicious letter referenced an earlier letter Wilson had written to a newspaper. The suspicious letter was not signed, and Wilson said he did not know who sent it. Officers filed a report, but marked the case closed.

Letter To The Editor

What image are the elected village officials projecting for the village of Archbold? Archbold has many unique and endearing qualities, but lately, the quality that seems to be in the forefront is not a flattering one. The proposed rerouting of St. Rt. 66 has seemed to have a ripple effect. Originally, it was stated by both the mayor and the […]

News from the Pew & Pulpit

Archbold Evangelical Sunday: Nick Hudson and worship team, music, offertory. Message, “Mark, The Short Story: The Insight of the Sightless: Mark 10:46-52,” Nathanael Miles, youth pastor. Central Mennonite Sunday: Dean & Jeanette Beck, Arlene Zaerr, greeters; Kristi Miehls, prelude; Maddie Miehls, offertory; Anita Roth & music team, song leader; Monica Miller, worship leader. Message, “Losing Streak,” Dave Elkins; ministry team […]