Our Christmas Wish List

With Christmas only three days away, families are stuffing their stockings with care and placing wrapped presents under the tree. This week’s Archbold Buckeye includes letters to Santa from Archbold and Pettisville second graders. Many children’s wishes include what one would expect… toys, electronics, games, pets. Some are more poignant… like asking for a cure for cancer. Here are some […]

Western Dist. Court News

(Note: In the list of speeding offenses, the first number is illegal speed; the second, legal speed. The first dollar amount is the fine; the second, costs.) Traffic Christopher J. Becker, Fayette, seat belt, S. Fayette St., Fayette, $30, $51. Keith A. Buehrer, rural Archbold, failed to yield from a private drive, Co. Rd. 15-1, $88, $102. Amber G. Faunce, […]

Frosh Win Two

The Pettisville freshman boys basketball team defeated North Central 37-22, Friday, Dec. 17. The Birds were led by Jeff Ramey with 12 points and Dominic Frey with 11. PHS upped its record to 3- 1, 3-0 in the Buckeye Border Conference with a 38-10 victory over Stryker, Saturday, Dec. 18. Ramey led the Birds with eight points. Jacob Hancock led […]

Golden Notes Of Archbold’s Memorable Past

Ten Years Ago Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2000 Jim Roynon, pastor of West Clinton Mennonite Church, spent two weeks on a peacemaker mission to Israel. Snowplow drivers spent extra hours clearing snow throughout the village after a Monday snowstorm. Jacob Fidler and sisters Jordan and Jesse enjoyed sledding at the reservoir Thursday, according to a photograph. After months searching for a […]

Archbold Fire Log

Nov. 28 6:54 am: Assist Morenci, Mich., Fire Department with search for missing children; searched Harrison Lake Area. Nov. 29 6:30 am: Assist Morenci, Mich. Fire Department with search for missing children; utility vehicle dispatched. Nov. 30 7 am: Assist Morenci, Mich. Fire Department with search for missing children; utility vehicle dispatched. Dec. 1 7 am: Assist Morenci, Mich. Fire […]


Archbold Wrestling Gateway Middle School Dual Tournament, Sunday, Dec. 12. Top four results: 1. Eisenhower 5- 0, 2. Archbold 4-1, 3. Perrysburg 4-1, 4. Springfield 3-2. Archbold match results: Arch def. Maumee Gateway 69-15, Archbold def. Otsego 55-36, Archbold def. Timberstone 51-33, Archbold def. Springfield 52-34, Eisenhower def. Archbold 60-27 Winning records: Isaac Petersen 5-0, Damian Short 5-0, Logan Baynes […]

Changes Forecast: In Lieu Of Snow Days, Ohio Districts Might Embrace The Web

Other Editors Say...

A former Ohio school superintendent entertained his colleagues at a seminar some years back by recalling his first week in his Colorado district. He’d overslept and woke to discover a raging snowstorm. Frantic, he phoned the district’s transportation director: “We’ve got to call off school. My driveway is buried under 2 feet of snow.” The director replied, “Best get shovelin’ […]

Vehicle Stuck In Grass Alley

A motorist attempting to retrieve a lost dog got his car stuck in the alley next to South Park, an Archbold police report states. The incident occurred about 4:10 am, Sunday, Dec. 12. The driver said the vehicle would be retrieved the following morning. —— Let us watch well our beginnings, and the results will manage themselves.–Alexander Clark

2010-12-22 E-Edition

School Board Holds Exec Session Monday

The Archbold Area School Board met in executive session for about an hour and 21 minutes during the Monday night, Dec. 20 meeting. Stated reason for the closed-door session was to “discuss the employment, compensation, promotion, or demotion of public employees, including, but not limited to, the annual evaluations of the treasurer and superintendent. No personnel action was taken when […]