Archbold, OH

Zoning Board Okays Sign For Auto Images

The Archbold Board of Zoning Appeals granted approval to erect a new sign with a light-emitting diode (LED) message board during its Thursday, Sept. 16 meeting.

The new sign for Auto Images, which will be visible from South Defiance Street, will be 12 feet wide and 10 feet high. The LED message board portion will be four feet tall and eight feet wide, with amber lights.

“You can put a lot of information on them,” Brad Grime, owner of Auto Images, said.

He said the sign will be taller, but won’t take up much more space than the company’s present sign.

Similar LED message boards have been installed at Archbold High School, Archbold Evangelical Church, Archbold Methodist Church, and the Subway restaurant.

Board members said the only concern was at the Methodist church, where a neighbor was concerned about the brightness of the lights and whether or not the lights would flash.

The church responded by turning down the brightness at night.

Board members also discussed taking a look at the village zoning code, which prohibits signs with movement or that create “the illusion of movement.”

Board members present were Tim Ziegler, Brad Roth, Phil Grieser, and Rich Winzeler. Tim Smith, board member, was absent.

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