Archbold, OH

Zoning Board Denies Request For Garage

The Archbold Board of Zoning Appeals denied the request of Roxanne Burk, 201 Short-Buehrer Road, to construct a garage on her property at its Thursday, July 25 meeting.

Burk wanted to build a 24- foot by 26-foot garage on her property, asking to locate the building with no setbacks on the side or rear property line at the southeast corner of her lot.

The village zoning code requires a five-foot setback, creating the need for a variance.

She explained to board members that utilities and other issues on the west side made it difficult to locate a building there.

Keith Roth, 109 Short Buehrer Road, Burk’s neighbor to the east, said he was “not excited about” the project, because the driveway to serve the new garage would be close to his property, and with the building directly on property lines, it would create problems mowing.

Plus, Roth said, the lots slope down at the rear.

Tim Smith, zoning board chairman, said Burk must either build up the area under the proposed building or excavate a slope leading to it. That, Smith said, would create drainage problems.

Carma Grime, village zoning inspector, said state law prohibits a person from building a building or altering the property and allowing storm water from the building or property to drain onto another’s land.


Zoning board members suggested Burk reduce the size of the proposed garage, move it away from the lot lines, or add onto the existing garage at the other side of the house.

Smith, Brad Roth, and Brad Short, zoning board members, voted against Burk’s variance request. Board members Tim Ziegler and Rich Winzeler were absent.

Request Denied

Andy Short, 208 South Defiance Street, appeared at the meeting.

He asked for an extension on the deadline to paint his home.

Grime said she notified Short in September 2012 that the house had been deteriorating for some time. She ordered Short to paint the house and garage.

Grime also said she had granted Short previous extensions on the deadline, due to weather and other factors.

She denied his request.

Interviewed Monday, July 29, she said painting of the house has started.

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