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Youth In Action

Following the example of the Archbold High School football team, the Archbold eighth grade football squad demonstrated caring and compassion recently.

Members of the AHS squad pitched in to help clean up after a Saturday, June 5 tornado ripped through the Delta area, doing severe damage.

Eighth grade team members got up very early Saturday morning, Sept. 25, and traveled to Indiana to pick watermelons for a Toledo food bank.

The eighth graders collected enough melons to fill two semi trucks, which means a lot of people in Toledo who have difficultly putting food on their tables will be able to enjoy a treat.

Such efforts demonstrate the outstanding character of boys and girls from the Archbold area.

Archbold students have raised money and donated time to Fulton County Christmas Cheer program. They traveled to the Findlay area to help clean up after flooding. They raised money by washing cars to help a boy who no longer lives in Archbold, after he was injured in an accident. They collected money to assist earthquake victims in Haiti.

The list is certainly incomplete, but nevertheless, it shows what outstanding young people we have in our community. That’s something to be proud of, and thankful for.

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