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Youth Admits To Charges In Wauseon Shooting Death; Adult Faces Charges

A spokesman for the Fulton County Juvenile Court said Felipe Villanueva, Jr., 14, Wauseon, has admitted to the early morning, March 14 shooting death of Michael J. Schwartz, 13, Wauseon.

Schwartz died at the Fulton County Health Center of a single shotgun wound to the chest, in what has been called an apparent accidental shooting.

Also, Craig A. Johnston, 35, Wauseon, has been charged with negligent homicide, along with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, in connection with the shooting. Monday Hearings

There were two hearings in the Villanueva case.

On Monday morning, a hearing was held in juvenile court on a motion for limited closure filed on behalf of Villanueva by his attorney, Clayton Gerbitz, Swanton.

Michael J. Bumb, juvenile court judge, granted the order. It prohibits photography and audio and/or video recordings in the juvenile courtroom.

A second hearing was held at 1 pm, in which Villanueva admitted to the charge of juvenile delinquency by way of negligent homicide.

The court spokesman said a dispositional hearing is set for 1 pm, Thursday, April 12.

In adult court, the hearing would be referred to as a sentencing hearing.

Bumb ordered that the juvenile probation officer complete a pre-dispositional report. The report will recommend a possible sentence or disposition for Villanueva.

The maximum possible punishment for Villanueva is 90 days in a juvenile detention center.

Since the day of the shooting, Villanueva has been housed at the Four County Juvenile Detention, Training, and Rehabilitation Center, near Stryker. Johnston

The March 14 shooting was reported to Wauseon police as a drive-by shooting at about 6:55 am. Police quickly determined the shooting was not a drive-by, but that shots had come from a home at 444 Howard Avenue.

Johnston is the tenant at 444 Howard Avenue. The negligent homicide charge against Johnston alleges that he is the owner of the 12-gauge shotgun that is presumed to have caused Schwartz’s death.

The drug charges resulted after Wauseon police officers allegedly found marijuana and related items in the home while investigating the shooting. The Third Boy

On the morning of the shooting, Villanueva, Schwartz, and a third, unidentifi ed boy went to the Howard Avenue home, where the unidentified boy lived.

An adult had just left for work, leaving the three boys alone in the house.

It was then that the shooting occurred.

Wauseon police have not charged and have not identifi ed the third boy.–David Pugh


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