Archbold, OH

Your Right To Know

A recent letter to this newspaper questioned our decision to publish names and information about the 20 persons who applied for the job of Archbold Area School District superintendent.

There are several reasons for publishing the information.

First, the information is public record. Every citizen has the right to request copies of all public record documents, by law.

Persons applying for public, taxpayer paid positions know their applications and resumes are public record. They should not expect privacy.

By publishing the education and professional experience of all the applicants, the public can gain a basic knowledge of the quality of the pool of applicants. It shows Archbold is a desirable place to work.

This newspaper allocated considerable resources to provide the information to readers. It’s every taxpayer’s right to know who applies for a public position leading a school system with a budget of approximately $16 million per year that’s one of the best in the state, a job that pays close to $100,000 per year.

Providing the reader with accurate information is our responsibility, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

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