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Youngs Named King/Queen Of Golden Wedding Party

Irving and Marcella Young, Swanton, are the 2010 Fulton County Golden Wedding Party king and queen.– photo by Mary Huber

Irving and Marcella Young, Swanton, are the 2010 Fulton County Golden Wedding Party king and queen.– photo by Mary Huber

Irving and Marcella Young, Swanton, were named king and queen of the 52nd annual Fulton County Fair Golden Wedding Party, Sunday afternoon, Sept. 5.

The couple met in 1938, when Irving was going to take Marcella’s cousin to a movie at the Royal Theatre in Toledo. He accidentally went to Marcella’s house, who told him her cousin lived next door.

Irving went next door, but Marcella’s cousin wasn’t home. He was on his way home when he turned around and asked Marcella to go to the movie instead.

They married on June 28, 1941.

Irving was in the Navy from 1944-46, then was a truck driver. Marcella worked for 25 years at the Murphy’s store in Swanton.

The couple had three children, Donna (Jim) Franklin, deceased; Jimmy (Linda), Swanton; and Joyce (Tom) Shelley, Swanton. They have six living grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

Fifty-eight couples were honored.


Couples with Archbold addresses listed on the program were Maurice and Ruth Schmucker, Jan. 3, 1943; Herman and Kathryn Kauffman, June 11, 1944; Bud and Gertrude Hitt, Aug. 4, 1946; Lowell and Ilah Rose, June 19, 1947;

Paul and Josephine Short, Oct. 19, 1947; William and Shirlee Smith, Aug. 5, 1950; Myrl and Pauline Zimmerman, Jan. 7, 1951.


Stanley and Kathryn Fauver, Aug. 21, 1940 (2009 king and queen); Don and Virginia Fraker, July 18, 1943; Donald and Shirley Black, Feb. 19, 1944; Michael and Marcella Coopshaw, March 28, 1946; Vernon and Ruth Roth, June 25, 1946;

Martin and Margaret Miller, Aug. 24, 1946; Leland and Delores Boyers, Sept. 8, 1946; Leo and Janet Gustwiller, June 1, 1948; Lowell and Alice Mull, Nov. 28, 1948; Gordon and Betty Domeck, June 25, 1949; James and Hazel Figy, Oct. 5, 1949;

Frank and Lois Fauver, Feb. 11, 1950; Curtis and Valere Zimmerman, March 23, 1952; George and Gladys Rue, Nov. 26, 1952; Homer and Elizabeth Yutzy, Nov. 29, 1952; Lynn and Joy Sintobin, July 24, 1953; James and Phyllis Onweller, Oct. 4, 1953; Clarence and Kathryn Bruner, Oct. 18, 1953;

John (Jack) and Martha Ross, Dec. 19, 1954; Olen and Mary Ann Stutzman, March 6, 1955; Don and Florence Schroeder, April 8, 1956; Charles and Amy Davis, June 29, 1956; Ronald and Vadah DeWulf, June 8, 1957.


Wendell and Margaret Sutton, Oct. 14, 1951; Dale and Evelyn Quillet, April 20, 1952; Ken and Shirley Paison, Dec. 6, 1952; John and Eunice Winzeler, June 6, 1954; Melvin and Eloise Wyse, June 7, 1954;

James and Arlyce Bacon, Jan. 15, 1955; Ralph and Jan Figgins, June 18, 1955; Donald and Jane Stiriz, April 22, 1956; Gene and Sue Schaffner, Aug. 5, 1956; Roger and Pat Borton, April 23, 1960; Joe and Bonnie Wilson, Aug. 27, 1960.


Keith and Ruth Shelt, Feb. 28, 1948; Ellis and Evelyn Mann, March 4, 1951; James and Verna Falor, Nov. 3, 1951; John and Genevieve (Bonnie) Mandly, Dec. 15, 1951; Harry and Jacquelyn Bruner, Nov. 1, 1952;

Robert and Betty Carter, Aug. 31, 1957; John and Gloria Forrest, May 22, 1959; Al and Char Kreuz, Aug. 22, 1959.


Ray and June Osterhout, March 1, 1947; Raymond and Marilyn Heintschel, May 9, 1959; Delbert and Carla Cristy Sr., May 16, 1959; Pat and Patsy Dowling, Oct. 3, 1959.


William and Ramona Schmitz, June 21, 1952; James and Barbara Sattler, Sept. 22, 1957; .


Albert and Mary Jeanette Langenderfer, Aug. 27, 1949; Wayne and Theresa Farnsel, Nov. 22, 1952.

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