Archbold, OH

Yoder Leaves Chamber Post For Northwest State College Vice President Position

Receives Annual Salary Of $70,500

Tom Stuckey, president of Northwest State Community College, said Monday that Mari Yoder, executive director of the Archbold Area Chamber of Commerce, has been selected for a vice presidency at NSCC.

Speaking at a Monday, April 20, breakfast, Stuckey said Yoder will be vice president of institutional advancement.

Stuckey said Northwest State serves counties with zero economic growth, and for the college to sustain itself it must continue to grow.

“There are a lot of great things happening at that college.

“Mari will be the person that connects the great things, so that we have a story that can be told,” he said.

That story will be told through Mike Brown, director of public relations and marketing; through alumni; through the college foundation; and through “friend-raising.”

“We have not always been good at ‘friend-raising,’ and we need to be, because it’s through friendships that we get things accomplished,” he said.

Yoder said leaving the chamber was a difficult decision, but made easier by the fact that the work she will do for NSCC will be similar, except that the college covers five counties.

She said by meeting with community leaders, she will learn what employers need in new employees, and will bring the information back to the college.


Stuckey said there will be a two- to three-month transition period, during which time Yoder will be available to the chamber.

Paul Siebenmorgen, chamber president, said the board has begun the process of finding a replacement for Yoder, who has been with the chamber for about 10 years.

Shelia Santiago, chamber vice president of industry, said so far, she has received two applications.

An advertisement for the executive director position ran in the April 16 issue of the Buckeye, which has “created some chatter,” she said.

She expects resumes to start pouing in within the next two weeks.

Until a new person is found, Yoder will work four days a week at the college and spend Friday at the chamber.

Not Advertised

Stuckey said Yoder officially starts her new job July 1.

She will be paid $70,500 per year.

The position was not advertised to the public, but there were a lot of applications.

Yoder went through an allday interview process, meeting with a group of 25 and a group of 30, in addition to Stuckey’s cabinet officers.

Her position is a combination of jobs previously held by three others.

One part of her job, Stuckey said, “is to sell the benefits of education… that’s something the college needs to energize.

“Education can be one of the drivers of economic development,” he said.- David Pugh

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