Archbold, OH

Work Underway At “Smelly House”

A contractor has been working at 210 Wilson Street, Archbold, the home known as “Smelly House.”

The house got its nickname after water collected in the basement, creating a foul odor that infiltrated the entire neighborhood.

The Federal National Mortgage Association, or Fannie Mae, owns the house. Huntington Bank, Columbus, oversees and maintains the property.

The house has been vacant since 2007. Neighbors began complaining about an odor at the property in 2008. The Fulton County Health Department got involved in 2009.

By April 2010, the health department had issued three public health orders to clean up the property.

Diane Fusco, a spokesman for Safeguard Properties, Cleveland, said on May 11 Huntington Bank directed Safeguard to “address all property issues as quickly as possible.”


Oscar Hernandez, a Fulton County Health Department sanitarian, said a work crew from an Indianapolis, Ind., company was at the house Monday night, May 24.

“They’re going to clean it up. They’re not going to try to tear it down,” he said.

Hernandez said the home had a finished basement. All of the finishing, such as carpet, wallboard, etc., has been stripped. The basement will not be finished again.

The main floor will be gutted, he said. Wallboard, carpeting, etc. will be removed.


Hernandez said the crew will use a “mold fog” prod- uct. A chemical fog will be released inside the gutted house, encapsulating any remaining mold.

The workers will begin refurbishing the inside with new materials.

Hernandez said the contractor expects to have the work finished by late June; Huntington Bank will then put the house on the market.– David Pugh

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