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Woman’s Hiring Taken Off Archbold School Board Agenda

The Archbold School Board was set to hire Liza Gerken as a custodian at the Archbold Elementary School at the Monday meeting, June 13.

But following a nearly 20- minute executive session, Gerken’s hiring was removed from the board agenda.

The move is unusual for the school board.

When asked about Gerken being deleted from the agenda, Aaron Rex, superintendent, would only confirm that her hiring had been taken off the agenda.

During the regular meeting, Rex told the board the plan was to hire Gerken for a custodial position at the elementary school to start July 12. He noted she had been a church custodian for several years.

The board altered its usual agenda to go into the closed-door session early. Stated reason for the executive session was to consider the employment, compensation, promotion, or demotion of public employees.

When the board returned to regular session, Roel Galvan moved, and Jeremy Hurst seconded, removing Gerken from the agenda.

The board approved several other personnel actions.

•Justin Dominique was granted a one-year supplemental contract as a junior high wrestling coach for the 2016-17 school year.

•The board approved a resolution to allow the hiring of a non-certified person to be the Family, Community and Career Leaders of America advisor, and then granted a one-year supplemental contract to Tess Pinter to serve as FCCLA advisor for the 2016-17 school year.

•Cameron Yontz and Garrett Grime were approved as volunteer football coaches for the 2016-17 school year.

•Jared Mattin was approved as a volunteer wrestling coach for the 2016-17 school year.

•One-year supplemental contracts were approved for Jennie Johnson, Bryan Miller, Kent Vandock, Royal Short, and Dorothy Lambert for membership in the district Local Professional Development Committee.

•One-year supplemental contracts were also approved for Ryan Throne, Jan Lindsay, Matt Shields, Beth Voll, and Michelle Bagrowski to serve as members of the Student Learning Objectives committee.


Christine Ziegler, district treasurer, asked the board to approve transferring $12,063.61 into the wind turbine maintenance fund, and another $3,314.76 into the fund used to repay a loan taken out for an energy-efficiency project.

The transfers result after consultants reviewed the district formulas for dividing electricity savings between the two projects.

Ziegler said the original formulas she and Rex prepared were not far off, but the consultant has some suggestions to improve them.

Rex said during months when the wind is comparatively low, more savings is attributed to the energy efficiency project, referred to as the House Bill 264 project.

HB 264 is the state legislation that allowed schools to take out loans to conduct energy efficiency projects, then repay those loans through energy savings.

When wind speeds are up and the turbine generates more electricity, Rex said there could be no electricity bill at all, and more savings are attributed to the turbine.

The board approved Ziegler’s request.

Rex said the wind turbine has been down since Saturday, June 4, when a seal in an oil pump failed.

The part had to be shipped from Denmark. It is anticipated the turbine will be repaired and functioning again today, Wednesday.

End Of Year

In preparation for the end of the district fiscal year on June 30, Ziegler asked the board to approve appropriation modifications.

The modifications will allow her to end the fiscal year without any accounts or line items being over the budgeted amounts.

The board approved the measure and established temporary appropriations for the 2016-17 school year at 75% of the 2015-16 spending levels.

She said she would ask the board to approve permanent appropriations for the next fiscal year in September.

The board also approved purchasing liability, violence, auto, and property insurance from Hylant Group- Ohio School Plan for the next fiscal year, which starts July 1 and ends June 30, 2017.

The insurance package costs the district $47,662, which represents an approximate 3% savings.

She noted it will cost the district $930 to insure the wind turbine.

The cost of turbine coverage will be taken from the turbine maintenance fund.

Rex reported the gym floor has been resurfaced, and should be ready for play by June 27.

However, the firm that did the work wants school officials to wait until the end of July before opening the bleacher seats on the newly refinished floor.

All board members were present, and all votes were unanimous.

The next meeting is Monday, July 18, 4:30 pm.–David Pugh

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