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Woman’s Dog Released

Kimberly Livingston, 34, 103 Franklin Street, told Archbold police someone had been letting her dog off the tie-out chain in her backyard.

On Friday, Sept. 29, she filed a police report, after the dog was released.

She told police that three times in September someone trespassed on the property and released the dog, which is tied out in the backyard. She said the problem has been going on for six months.

Fulton County Western District Court records show she has been cited twice– once in 2016, and once in 2017­– for failure to confine the dog.

The officer said in his report he was shown a chain rated for 900 pounds with a carabiner-type clasp on each end “that no dog could undo.”

On the day of the report, Livingston said the dog was put outside at about 1:30 pm. At 3 pm, the dog was gone.

She later found the dog dragging the chain, the clasp intact.

There are no suspects; police have closed the case.

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