Archbold, OH

Woman Victimized By Phone Scam

Thom Ross, Archbold assistant police chief, said officers are investigating a telephone fraud case that occurred within the village.

Ross said Patricia Wyse, 830 Ringenberg Drive, Archbold, was the victim. Ross said Wyse sent money to an unknown subject. He declined to release the amount involved, but said it was significant.

Ross said Wyse was promised prizes if she would pay a “fee” to release the items.

The scam artist continued to call the Wyses, and at one point, called police to send an officer to the residence. Ross said when that call came in, it sounded like the caller was using an electronic device to disguise his voice.


There have been other attempted telephone frauds in the village. Ross said there are some things to be aware of.

“If you have to give money to get money, that is the biggest red flag there is,” he said.

For example, if a caller needs a couple of thousand dollars to pay a fee or tax before you can receive a million-dollar “prize,” don’t go through with it.

Never give personal information, such as bank account numbers, credit card information, or a social security number.If you’re asked to go to a discount store or other location to send money, ask the store security manager if they are aware of any scams currently operating.

Ross said a person who has any questions about any type of situation should call the local law enforcement agency.

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