Archbold, OH

Woman Concerned About Salesman’s Visit

Archbold Police intervened when a door-to-door salesman attempted to visit.

Debra L. Volkman, 58, 1105 Lindau St., told officers on Tuesday, Dec. 18, she had received a call, asking her to respond to a telephone survey. At the end of the survey, she was told she had won a prize, and was asked if it could be delivered that afternoon.

She became suspicious of the situation, and called police.

Officers went to the home and spoke to someone, who said Volkman had indeed won a prize.

He told officers while he was there, he would attempt to sell her an air purifier.

Officers advised the person he should report to the station, and obtain a door-to-door sales permit.

He was also told Volkman was not interested in his offer.

The person said he would advise his company of the requirement.

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