Archbold, OH

Woman Cited In Dog Incident

Kelly Jones, 412 West Barre Road, was cited for failure to confine a dog by Brian Banister, Fulton County dog warden.

The citation resulted from a 12:10 pm, Friday, June 28 incident, in which the dog, which Banister identified as a pit bull, attacked a blanket Angeleta M. Grieser, 25, 613 South Lincoln Street, said she and her baby were sitting on.

The child is about three months old.

Grieser told officers she had had trouble with the dog before, and has spoken to Jones.

The Archbold police report states officers spoke to Jones, who denies the alleged attack.

APD turned the matter over to the dog warden.

Banister said he has had dealings with Jones and the dog, and Jones has been cited for dog-related offenses before. Banister conducted an investigation the same day, and issued the citation.


Jones appeared in Western District Court and issued a not-guilty plea to the charge.

A hearing was set for yesterday, Tuesday, in Western District Court. At that time, a judge was to determine whether the dog is vicious.

Banister said if the dog is found to be vicious, Jones must either dispose of the animal or follow strict requirements for confinement. Jones must also obtain liability insurance.

Pit Bulls

Banister said there has been a rash of pit bull incidents in Archbold.

There have been six cases in recent weeks of problems with pit bulls.

Ohio and Archbold laws regarding vicious dogs were recently changed to remove any references to a specific breed, what is known as “non-breed specific” language.

Under the old law, pit bulls were considered vicious under any circumstances; in other words, they were considered “vicious from birth.”

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