Archbold, OH

Wind Turbines Ready Soon?

The wind turbines at the Archbold and Pettisville schools could be generating usable electricity soon, superintendents of the districts said Monday.

Toledo Edison, area electricity supplier, requires testing of the turbines before they go into operation.

Part of the tests require that the turbines prove they will stop feeding energy into the power grid if the power goes out. The test is designed to protect TE linemen.

Steve Switzer, Pettisville superintendent, said he has been told TE officials could complete the tests this week.

Joe Long, interim superintendent at Archbold, said district officials hope the test can be done on Monday, Jan. 21.

“Part of the test requires them to simulate a brownout,” he said.

A brownout is when the voltage of electricity available is reduced from 110 to a lower level.

Reduced voltage can damage electrical equipment such as motors and electronics.

“We have to shut off the rooftop (heating, ventilating, air conditioning) units, the freezers, and electronics” before the test,” Long said.

“We’re anxious about that, and asked, if at all possible, to conduct the test on a day when school is not in session.”

Jan. 21 is the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

Long said TE and the contractor of the wind turbine project are still working on getting proper information to TE.

“Electrical stuff,” Long said.

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