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Wind Turbines Pass Final Test

Aaron Godwin, wind energy consultant to the Archbold and Pettisville school districts, said their two wind turbines have passed the final test.

The “phase disconnect” test was conducted on Thursday, Jan. 31, at both turbines.

Both were successful.

In the phase disconnect test, one wire, or phase, of the three-phase service to the schools is disconnected to simulate a downed power line or service outage.

The turbines were required to stop generating electricity within a set time.

When the phase disconnect test was attempted at Archbold on Thursday, Jan. 24, there was not enough wind.

Mark Everhart, customer support representative with Toledo Edison, said this week, the TE engineer working on the turbine projects will make a final check of the paperwork.

Once all the final paperwork is complete, TE will install a special electric meter to monitor how much power the turbine pushes into the electricity distribution grid.

By the end of next week, Friday, Feb. 15, the turbines should be ready to begin generating power.

The idea of a wind turbine for the school districts was first proposed in late 2006.

The last major step in construction of the approximately $2 million turbines at Archbold and Pettisville was the installation of the blades.

Archbold’s blades were installed in November; Pettisville’s were installed in December.

Most of the money for the construction of the wind turbines came from government grant funds.

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