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Wind Turbines Dedicated After School Officials Persevere

Ceremonies were held at the Archbold and Pettisville schools, Wednesday, May 8, officially dedicating the energy-saving wind turbines of two outstanding school districts.

The milestone warranted public recognition, because getting the giant machines constructed was a long and arduous effort. Almost every step of the way, a new roadblock was tossed in the path.

Wind turbine construction was a perfect example of the inefficiency of government. One arm gave the school districts much of the money to build the machines, while other arms appeared to invent ridiculous and unnecessary paperwork to try to derail the projects.

No one would have blamed school officials had they decided to end the project out of frustration.

Administrators could have said it took too much of their time, that the local funding share was too great, that overall it was just too much work to build a wind turbine.

But they persevered through the various trials and endless aggravation, and after six years, got the job done.

Now we reap the benefit of the turbines while electric bills are reduced by something as simple as wind.

Let’s hope the giant blades continue to turn, because every time a blade turns, money is saved.

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