Archbold, OH

Wind Turbines And No Wind

Last week, all of the players in the Archbold-Pettisville wind turbine saga were on hand for the final test, the last step before the multimillion dollar turbines would begin paying off on the promises made on their behalf.

And there was no wind.

The last test requires the turbine to generate at least 40,000 watts of power, and on Thursday, there wasn’t enough wind.

The lack of wind is symbolic of how the whole wind turbine project has gone. It’s taken years of planning, reports, studies, and assorted paperwork. It seemed as though at almost every turn, at every step, some new obstacle was thrown in the path of the wind turbines.

And almost as if to prove Mother Nature has a cruel sense of humor, the day workers tried to install the blades on the Archbold wind turbine, there was too much wind.

All involved are scheduled to come together again this week, for another try.

All we can do is pray for a good breeze!

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