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Wind Turbine Gets Going

“While it may sound crazy at first, the idea of building an industrialscale windmill to help power the Archbold Area School District has some things going for it.”

That was the opening paragraph of the first article about the Archbold school district wind turbine that appeared in this newspaper. It was published in the April 25, 2007 issue.

A giant crane lifted the nacelle housing to which the blades attach to the top of an approximately 200- foot circular steel tower on Monday, June 25. It’s tangible, visible evidence of progress, at last.

In early August, the blades are expected to arrive and be attached. A few weeks later, the blades will begin turning, and the turbine will begin generating electricity to provide part of the electric needs of the elementary and high schools.

The five years since the first suggestion of building a wind turbine and Monday’s final lift were a seemingly never-ending exercise in mindnumbing paperwork and constant, essentially pointless delays.

The project was delayed by a steady string of going one step forward, and two steps back. Good news of new or additional grant funding was offset by the announcement that another study was required or another loophole filled.

Many organizations would have thrown up their hands long, long ago, and abandoned the idea as simply too difficult.

Fortunately, the Archbold Area School District has been blessed with dedicated men and women who persevered through the process, and gave another asset to Archbold citizens of which we can be proud.

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