Archbold, OH

Wind Turbine Blade Delivery Pushed Back

Joe Long, Archbold Area School District interim superintendent, said delivery of the blades for the school district wind turbine has been pushed back.

Long said additional quality control measures have been put in place at the Indiana factory where the blades are produced.

“They are scheduled to be completed by the end of the month,” he said.

“It will be early October before we see them here.”

The blades are about 80 feet long.

Mostly made of fiberglass, they attach to the generator and gearbox, which are located in the nacelle at the top of 200-foot tall steel tower.

Towers and nacelles were installed at Archbold and Pettisville in June.

During the Pettisville School Board Monday, Sept. 10 meeting, board members learned the Ohio Department of Development had granted an extension for the funding of the wind turbine. A similar extension is in place for Archbold.

For Pettisville, the new schedule has the installation of blades for the wind turbine set for Saturday, Oct. 27. The deadline for completion of the project to still receive the grant funds is Monday, Nov. 26.

Aaron Godwin, wind energy consultant for both districts, said blades have been installed at a third wind turbine, a sister project to the Archbold and Pettisville turbines.

The turbine at Kenston Local Schools, in Chagrin Falls, has its blades, but is undergoing “commissioning,” Godwin said.

The process involves the final inspection and setup of the wind turbines, including coordinating with local electric utilities.

Godwin said the commissioning process takes two to four weeks.

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