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Will 2013 Fair Success Lead To Better Days Ahead?

The annual Fulton County Fair was another success, setting attendance records in the process.

The Fair Board deserves much credit, for maintaining wonderful fairgrounds, bringing in fun and interesting entertainment, and making sure everything runs smoothly. That’s a challenge when 60,000 people visit the fairgrounds in one day, especially considering the population of the entire county is about 42,500.

Mother Nature also deserves credit, because the weather was good. There was little rain and moderate temperatures. Perhaps the fair has given us an encouraging sign as well. Dennis Wyse, president of the fair board, said the board believes visitors spent more money than in recent years.

Could this be a sign our local economy is on its way to better days?

When businesses in the county tightened their belts in response to the recession, families did the same. Now, perhaps, there are a few more dollars circulating to send the children on carnival rides, or enjoy another delicious meal of fair food.

Let’s hope the success of the county fair spreads throughout the country.

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