Archbold, OH

Why The Split School Board Vote?

Readers who follow the Archbold Area School Board know a split vote, on any issue, is a rare occurrence.

So when John Downey, the newest member of the board, voted against the consensus agenda at the April 16 meeting, it caused observers to raise an eyebrow.

What is the community to make of this?

Downey has the right and the duty to question actions of the board and its employees. Archbold voters expect outstanding leadership. He was chosen to be one of the stewards of the school district and the tax money it spends. That is the role of all board members.

We are aware even when board members don’t agree on an issue, members will vote the same way to present the image of unity.

We’re not sure that’s always best. If there are other arguments for or against an issue, the people should be aware of them and how their board members feel about them.

On the other hand, we don’t want to see the board split into cantankerous factions, more interested in one-upping the other side than moving the district forward.

The best interests of students and the school district should always be the top priority for school board members, not personal gripes or vendettas.

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