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Why Does EMS Money Go To The General Fund?

Some months ago, the Fulton County commissioners decided to take some of the money raised by the county Emergency Medical Service program and divert it into the general fund.

It’s easy to understand why they made the decision. Vond Hall, county administrator, has said in the past that about $1 million in revenue sharing, money the county once received from the State of Ohio, dried up because of state budget cuts.

That left the county with three choices, none good: cut services, raise taxes, or find the money elsewhere.

One place they found the money was from EMS billing revenue.

Brett Kolb, county auditor, said 60 cents of every dollar collected from bills for EMS service went to the Emergency Medical Service.

The remaining 40 cents goes to the general fund, to prop it up. Last year, Kolb said the 40% from EMS bills benefitted the general fund more than a third of a million dollars.

It’s all perfectly legal, but shouldn’t money raised by EMS money go to EMS?

Fulton County residents are blessed with some of the best emergency medical service around.

A police officer will be at your door in minutes. A few minutes later, an ambulance, with trained paramedics, can be there. If necessary, a few minutes after that, a medical helicopter could land near your home and take you to some of the best hospitals, with the best specialized care, in the region.

We must continue to support this life-saving system.

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