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Who Is To Blame?

Who is to blame for the devastation wrought upon this earth?

Three massive Atlantic hurricanes have ravaged our country, damaging and destroying large portions of Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico. Other islands in the idyllic Caribbean were flattened as well.

People suffered losses ranging from carpeting and drywall to everything they own.

Well over 100 persons lost their lives.

Who is to blame?

Should it be blamed on mankind? Irrefutable science tells us that more than a century of burning fossil fuels has resulted in changes to the world climate, spawning these massive storms.

Many refute that.

In fact, it is simple. The weather is to blame. Mankind and his technology have become better at predicting storms, understanding how they form, how they build their intensity, and can even map their possible paths.

But man can’t stop a hurricane. We can’t break it up, we can’t lessen its power, we can’t alter its course.

It’s like the old joke– everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.

Who is to blame for the destruction? Mother Nature. Take your complaints to her. But we doubt she’ll listen.

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