Archbold, OH

Wheels, Tires Stolen From Vehicles On Dealer Lot

Tires and wheels from five separate vehicles were stolen from new vehicles on a lot owned by Terry Henricks Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep- Ram sometime after 6 pm, Wednesday, July 28, and 8 am the following day.

Total value of the wheels, tires, lug nuts, and center caps stolen was listed as $18,436.

For just one vehicle, four wheels, or rims, were valued at $1,960.

Leo Wixom III, Archbold police chief, said the vehicles were parked outdoors at the former Yark Automotive dealership on the east side of South Defiance Street, which is now owned by the Henricks organization.

Four vehicles that lost rims were pickup trucks.

When the thieves finished removing the wheels, the trucks were lowered to the ground and allowed to sit on their brake rotors.

The fifth vehicle, a sportutility, was too low to the ground and had to be left on blocks.


Wixom said the thieves had done this type of theft before.

“Most definitely,” he said.

“The rumor is, people on the black market place an order for certain rims. Then a group of guys will get together and they’ll go out and handpick the rims they have a request for,” he said.

Police are investigating the case.

“We’ve got some leads we’re working on,” he said.

“We’re working with the (Ohio State Highway) Patrol. They have an auto theft unit. We’ve made some phone calls to them.

“We’re also working with Henricks. They’ve got some video footage they’ve been able to provide us with.

“So it’s an ongoing investigation. We’ll see what we can hopefully do.”


In February 2018, two front wheels were stolen from a truck parked in the lot at Terry Henricks Ford.

The medium-duty truck was left sitting on a floor jack. The wheel covers and lug nuts were left behind.

Total value of the two wheels and tires was more than $3,500.