Archbold, OH

What’s Going On?

A surprising event took place on Lake Bartholomew, Mich., Thursday afternoon, Oct. 2. Mary Sue Miller, Bryan, a summer resident at the lake, was on the water in her paddleboat.

Two pontoon boatloads of Amish passed by at close range. Amish men were piloting at the controls of both gas-powered watercraft. She said each boat was loaded with Amish people. “I’ve been on the lake eight years and never seen such a sight,” she said.

There is a large Amish settlement on the back roads connecting Clear Lake, Ind., and Lake Bartholomew.

Miller said one of the boats came close to her paddleboat and one of the men in a long white beard, asked, “How long do you paddle that before the motor starts?”

Of course there is no motor on her paddleboat. It is self-propelled, Amish-style.

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