Archbold, OH
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Mostly cloudy

What’s Going On?

While in Windsor, Ontario, Canada over the weekend, Mary Huber, Archbold Buckeye assistant general manager, stopped in a china and gift shop called Shanfield-Meyers.

While she was browsing, two employees asked where she was from. When she said Archbold, Ohio, they looked at her with a faint glimmer of recognition.

To help them, she said it was the home of Sauder Woodworking ready-to-assemble furniture. Both employees got excited and told her they had bought Sauder pieces and how beautiful they were.

An older employee named Olga commented on how well packaged the items were, and how helpful the customer service representative was when she called with a question.

She said the CSR stayed on the line after explaining what to do to make sure everything was okay, and she was very impressed.

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