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What Do We Want Archbold To Be?

Peggy Oyer had it right when she appeared at the Monday, May 2, Archbold Village Council meeting.

She asked the question: What do we want Archbold to be?

Archbold is many things, from a quaint community known for its Mennonite heritage to an economic powerhouse, an industrial juggernaut waiting to burst.

Which way do we want to go?

Our community leaders have an option to feed the beast that is industry. By making conditions in the community favorable, we can loosen the reins on that beast and allow it to grow stronger and more powerful.

The industrial beast will provide new jobs, employ more people, feed more families from throughout the region, and generate more tax revenue.

But there are voices that are questioning if industrial expansion is best for the community.

Is the uniqueness that is Archbold being sacrificed in the name of growth and expansion?

What are we doing to our Co. Rd. 24, and other neighbors as we attract more and more truck traffic?

Those voices ask if we wouldn’t be better off reining in the industrial behemoth. Quit giving away economic incentives. Stop the plan to realign St. Rt. 66.

As Oyer put it: What do we want Archbold to be?

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