Archbold, OH

Western District Court News

In the list of speeding offenses, the first number is illegal speed; the second, legal speed. The first dollar amount is the fine; the second, court costs.)


Julie Bedsole, rural Archbold, speeding, 55-35, Miller Ave., Wauseon, $47, $88.

Sharon L. Borton, Archbold, expired registration, W. Barre Rd., $37, $88.

Joanne D. Burkholder, Wauseon, failed to yield while turning left, Co. Rd. 13 at Deer Run, $102, $88.

Patricia Lynn Gisel, Archbold, speeding, 70-55, US20A, $47, $88.

Daniel S. Kurtz, Salem, speeding, 70-55, St. Rt. 2, $47, $88.

Troy D. Labine, Delta, speeding, 70-55, Co. Rd. 16, $47, $88.

Phyllis J. Roth, rural Archbold, driving left of center, N. Shoop Ave., Wauseon, $37, $80.

Brenda Ann Spiess, Morenci, Mich., speeding, 72-55, Co. Rd. T, $47, $80.

Michele K. Uribes, rural Wauseon, speeding, 42-25, W. Leggett St., Wauseon, $47, $88.

During this session, Western District Court dealt with six offenses on the Ohio Turnpike, five speeding.)

Traffic And Criminal

John A. Becker, Wauseon, speeding, 70-55, St. Rt. 108, $47 fine, $80 costs.

Elizabeth Berry, Archbold, passing bad checks, $50 fine, $95 costs.

Amanda K. Cluckey, rural Wauseon, neglingently passing bad checks, $25 fine, $184 costs.

Alicia Fahy, Liberty Center, theft, three days jail, credit for one day served, $250 fine, $263 costs, 30 hours community service, probation.

Joshua L. Gilsdorf, Delta, seat belt, Co. Rd. D, $30 fine, $43 costs.

Crystal A. Karney, Wauseon, littering, $77 fine, $78 costs.

Christina Miller, Fayette, disorderly conduct, $50 fine, $78 costs.

James E. Shaw, Wauseon, possession of drug paraphernalia, $150 fine, $111 costs, 180-day driver license suspension, occupational, medical, and probation driving privileges granted, 30 hours community service.

Robert E. Wilson, Wauseon, theft, $200 fine, $166 costs, 30 hours community service, restitution.

Small Claims

The following cases were filed on behalf of the Fulton County Health Center as plaintiff. Judgments are for the plaintiff unless otherwise noted. Defendants and judgment amounts follow:

•Carl A. Branson and Ashley N. Branson, Archbold, $1,263.93.

•Chris A. Hilton, Morenci, Mich., $563.70.

•Glenda M. Fenton, Wauseon, $484.07.

•Loyd D. Bell, Jr., Wauseon, $380.

•Daniel W. Condon and Penny J. Condon, Wauseon, $327.87.

Ralph A. Seidel, Bakersfield, Calif., Plaintiff, vs. Chris Creps and Stephanie Creps, defendants, judgment for the plaintiff, $7,520.

Oldfield Village, LLC, rural Wauseon, plaintiff, vs. Robert Mc- Farland II and Mandi Shoemaker, Wauseon, defendants, judgment for the plaintiff, $3,599.71., LLC, rural Wauseon, plaintiff, vs. Noberto Estrada and Shirley Brito, Anderson, Ind., defendants, judgment for the plaintiff, $1,251.17.

Aja Behavioral, Wauseon, plaintiff, vs. Jill Donnelly, Wauseon, defendant, judgment for the plaintiff, $746.65.

Tri-County Chiropractic Clinic, Wauseon, plaintiff, vs. Barbara C. Jamison, rural Delta, defendant, judgment for the plaintiff, $199.31.

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