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Western Dist. Court News

(Note: In the listing of speeding offenses, the first number is the illegal speed, second, legal speed; first dollar amount is the fine, second, costs.)


William Perry Strother, Baltimore, Md., failed to obey no through trucks sign, E. Lutz Rd., $37 fine, $57 costs.

Nicholas R. Rausch, rural Napoleon, speeding, 55-35, Ottokee St., Wauseon, $77, $57.

Brian W. Lipp, Paulding, speeding, 35-20, E. Leggett St, Wauseon, $94, $57.

Jamilah Nichole Hood, Wauseon, speeding, 51-35, N. Shoop Ave., Wauseon, $47, $57.

Marilyn V. Vandervliet, rural Wauseon, speeding, 75-55, St. Rt. 108, $77, $67.

Donald G. Hazlett, Swanton, overweight truck, $274, $67.

Dale F. Hines, Whitehouse, overweight truck, US20A, $571, $67.

Karen S. Yaichner, rural Swanton, overweight truck, US20A, $604, $67.

Austin L. Partee, Maumee, failed to yield while turning left, US20A at Co. Rd. 24, $102, $67.

Joseph J. Couts, Wauseon, speeding, 69-55, Co. Rd. C, $37, $67.

Larry W. Short, rural Wauseon, disobeyed traffic control signs, Co. Rd. 16, $37, $67.

Emily R. Revis, Napoleon, speeding, 69-55, St. Rt. 108, $37, $67.

Susan C. Saaf, Archbold, improper backing, W. Holland St., $102, $67.

Tammy M. Smith, Wauseon, speeding, 40-25, W. Leggett St., $47, $67.

(Note: During this session, Western District Court dealt with 35 offenses on the Ohio Turnpike, 30 speeding, five seat belt.)

Traffic And Criminal

Troy A. Lipinski, Wauseon, no valid operator license, S. Shoop Ave., Wauseon, $250 fine, $62 costs, 30 hours community service; speeding, 53-35, $50 fine, $33 costs.

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