Archbold, OH

Western Dist. Court News

(Note: In the listing of traffic offenses, the first number is actual speed; the second, legal speed. The first dollar amount is the fine; the second, costs.)

Laura A. Worline, Monclova, speeding, 67-55, US20A, $37, $88.

Amber Lindsey Loar, Archbold, speeding, 67-50, Clyde’s Way, $47, $88.

Shawn L. Kutzley, Morenci, Mich., squealing tires, Main St., Fayette, $37, $88.

Donald L. Oliphant, Stryker, speeding, 50-35, Nolan Parkway, $47, $88.

Deanna Gillen, Morenci, Mich., speeding, 60-35, Ottokee St., Wauseon, $150, $88.

Tabb J. Gype, Wauseon, speeding, 73-55, St. Rt. 108, $47, $88.

Zachariah M. Rodriguez, Archbold, disobeyed stop sign, Co. Rd. C at Co. Rd. 15, $37, $88.

Daniel L. Hale, Bryan, speeding, 59-35, W. Linfoot St., Wauseon, $100, $88.

Tyler A. Keifer, Fayette, speeding, 68-55, US20A, $37, $88.

Carrie Jean Dillon, Wausoen, speeding, 67-55, US20A, $37, $88.

Arlan Atwell Murray, rural Morenci, Mich., improper backing, Vine St., $102, $80.

Daniel Ray O’Neill, Delta, expired registration, Glenwood Ave., Wauseon, $37, $88.

Richard Austin James Smith, Wauseon, speeding, 68-45, S. Defiance St., $100, $88; seat belt, $30, $51.

Joseph F. Riley, rural Wauseon, speeding, 70-55, US20A, $47, $88.

Jeffrey Rychener, rural Wauseon, speeding, 73-55, US20A, $47, $88.

Alexis Joann Mae Bender, Metamora, failed to maintain assured clear distance ahead, St. Rt. 108, $100, $90.

Daniel Jacob Williams, Napoleon, failed to maintain assured clear distance ahead, St. Rt. 2, $100, $90.

Steven M. Lalik, Archbold, expired registration, Stryker St., $37, $88.

Melanie J. Baun, rural Stryker, speeding, 51-35, Stryker St., $47, $88.

Haley M. Bever, Stryker, speeding, 55-35, Nolan Parkway, $100, $88.

Levi Ross Billau, West Unity, driving while license suspended, Glenwood Ave., Wauseon, $200, $88.

Shannon M. Jasso, rural Wauseon, driving while license suspended, Barney Oldfield Dr., Wauseon, $250, $88.

Tobias Michael Jacobs, rural Wauseon, disorderly conduct, $50, $54; charge of menacing by stalking dismissed.

Jason Contreras, rural Wauseon, possession of marijuana, $75, $78.

David Neil Cotter, Montpelier, falsification, $250, $135.

Larry A. Allomong, Jr., Wauseon, disorderly conduct, $75, $78.

Rachel Allomong, Wauseon, disorderly conduct, $75, $103; second count, disorderly conduct, $50, $54.

Christina M. Blake, Adrian, Mich., theft, two days jail, credit for two days served, $75, $241.

Note: During this session, Western District Court dealt with one offense on the Ohio Turnpike.

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