Archbold, OH

Western Dist. Court News

(Note: In the listing of traffic offenses, the first number is actual speed; the second, legal speed. The first dollar amount is the fine; the second, costs.)

Christopher Vonier, Archbold, illegal placement of refuse, $50, $88.

Dale H. Heller, Wauseon, no license plates, E. Elm St., Wauseon, $37, $88.

Tyler M. Skiver, rural Delta, failed to maintain reasonable control, Co. Rd. C, $102 $88.

Cherlynn K. Spiess, rural Fayette, speeding, 36-25, N. Fayette St., Fayette, $37, $88.

Danial William Michael, Fayette, speeding, 38-25, N. Fayette St, Fayette, $37, $88.

Heidi J. Treesh, Bryan, speeding, 58-40, Short-Buehrer Rd., $47, $88.

Mark T. Nicholls, rural Wauseon, seat belt, US20, $30, $51.

Brittany Nicole Etts, rural Delta, speeding, 72-55, US20, $47, $88.

Robert Todd Mattin, Jr., Wauseon, resisting arrest, $100, $83, 30 hours community service.

Betty Sue Tiedman, Wauseon, disorderly conduct, $75, $89.

Rebecca M. Creque, Napoleon, illegal placement of refuse, no fine, costs, $95.

Jeremy Allen Baldwin, Grand Rapids, no driver license, Third St., Wauseon, $200, $93, 30 hours community service.

Ricardo Valderrama Villalobos, Wauseon, no driver license, $200, $88.

Jasmine Michelle Shannon, Wauseon, speeding, 45-25, N. Fulton St., Wauseon, $27, $88.

Dakota Whittle, rural Lyons, disorderly conduct, $75, $199,

(Note: During this session, Western District Court dealt with four offenses on the Ohio Turnpike, two speed-related.)

Small Claims, LLC, rural Wauseon, plaintiff, vs. Benjamin Arreguin and Jonah Johnston, Fayette, defendants, judgment for the plaintiff, $1,456.24.

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