Archbold, OH

Western Dist. Court News

(Note: In the list of traffi c offenses, the first number is illegal speed; the second legal speed. The first dollar amount is the fine; the second, costs.)

Traffic & Criminal

Nancy S. Lavinder, rural Fayette, speeding, 67-55, St. Rt. 66, $37, $88.

Alice M. Ames, rural Wauseon, following too closely, St. Rt. 108, $37, $88.

Stephen C. Minney, rural Montpelier, seat belt, US20A, $30, $51.

Trent R. Yoder, Archbold, speeding, 74-55, St. Rt. 2, $47, $88.

Charles K. Prentiss, rural Wauseon, failure to yield from private drive, N. Shoop Ave., Wauseon, $102, $88.

Catrina Wright, Archbold, disobeyed stop sign, Ditto St. at Walnut St., $51, $83.

Katelyn M. Britenriker, speeding, 70-55, St. Rt. 108, $47, $88.

Luke Christopher Grisier, rural Wauseon, failed to maintain assured clear distance ahead, Airport Hwy, Wauseon, $102, $88.

Allen J. Nofziger, rural Wauseon, speeding, 67-55, Co Rd. C, $37, $88.

Michael Patrick Culp, rural Wauseon, no license, E. Airport Hwy., $250, $93, 30 hours community service; failed to maintain assured clear distance ahead, $100, $64.

Terry J. Miller, Wauseon, disorderly conduct, $50, $159.

Jeff D. Bishop, Wauseon, barking or howling dogs, $25, $89; second count, barking or howling dogs, $25, $89.

Bard Dielman, Wauseon, failed to register dog, $25, $78; second count, failed to register dog, $25, $54.

Ryan Pontious, Wauseon, disorderly conduct, $75, $78; improper backing, Sycamore St., Wauseon, $100, $88.

Lucas Craig Halliwill, Hudson, Mich., disorderly conduct, $50, $78.

Justin D. Bauer, Southampton, N.Y., failed to show driver license or proof of license, Main St., Fayette, $150, $88; charge of failure to display license plates dismissed.

Derrik M. Stantz, Kunkle, failure to control, Co. Rd. R-S, $100, $64; charge of DUI dismissed.

(Note: During this session, Western District Court dealt with one speeding offense on the Ohio Turnpike.)

Small Claims

Tri-County Chiropractic Clinic, Wauseon, plaintiff, vs. Sheila Starkweather, Lyons, defendant, judgment for the plaintiff, $159.29.

Fulton County Health Center, Wauseon, plaintiff, vs. Raymond E. Burres and Kimberly S. Burres, Wauseon, defendants, judgment for the plaintiff, $2,316.85.

Pondview Veterinary Clinic, rural Archbold, plaintiff, vs. Kevin Harper, rural Archbold, defendant, dismissed.

Mark L. Powers, Wauseon, plaintiff, vs. Tommy R. Crane, II, rural Wauseon, defendant, judgment for the plaintiff, $908.07.

Alva J. Roth, Archbold, plaintiff, vs. Ashleigh Villalovos, Archbold, defendant, judgment for the plaintiff, $589.34.

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