Archbold, OH

Western Dist. Court News

(Note: In the list of speeding offenses, the first number is illegal speed; the second, legal speed. The first dollar amount is the fine; the second, costs.)

Traffic And Criminal

Heather M. Martinez, rural Wauseon, speeding, 54-35, Stryker St., $47, $88.

Richard C. Engler, rural Stryker, speeding, 67-55, US20A, $37, $88.

Johnny R. Ramos, rural Wauseon, seat belt, Co. Rd. 24, $30, $51.

Sue C. Vine, rural Fayette, failed to maintain reasonable control, US20, $102, $88.

Lois J. Grime, rural Archbold, improper start from a stopped position, N. Defiance St., $102, $88.

Kevin J. Beck, Archbold, seat belt, N. Defiance St., $30, $51.

Thomas L. Klopfenstein, rural Wauseon, speeding, 67-55, Co. Rd. C, $37, $88.

Gabriel S. Steiner, rural Montpelier, speeding, 50-35, Ottokee St., Wauseon, $47, $88.

Jacob Leroy Borton, rural West Unity, speeding, 67-55, US20A, $37, $88.

Velma F. Neuenschwander, rural Delta, disobeyed traffic sign, Linfoot St. at Shoop Ave., Wauseon, $37, $88.

Rachel G. Coker, Delta, speeding, 66-55, US20, $37, $88.

Nicholas Estel, rural Archbold, no trailer taillights, St. Rt. 108, $37, $88.

Melissa A. Noe, Wauseon, possession of drug paraphernalia, 4 days jail, $100, $83, 180-day driver license suspension, occupational, medical, and probation driving privileges granted, 30 hours community service; possessed controlled substance, $100, $54.

Kristin S. Hayes, Wauseon, was passenger in vehicle where an open container of alcoholic beverage was present, $77, $78.

Roy W. Vires, rural Fayette, reckless operation, $150, $115.

Timothy A. Radabaugh, Wauseon, disorderly conduct, $75, $103.

Meredith Lynn Luce, failure to control, Co. Rd. 14, $37, $108.

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