Archbold, OH

Western Dist. Court News

In the list of speeding offenses, the first number is illegal speed; the second, legal speed. The first dollar amount is the fine; the second, court costs.)


Robert D. Corley, Toledo, overweight truck, $298, $80.

Julian A. Gerken, Napoleon, speeding, 71-55, St. Rt. 66, $77 fine, $88 costs.

Jacob A. Graf, rural Oakwood, speeding, 46-35, E. Main St., Fayette, $37, $80.

Brian M. Hall, Wauseon, speeding, 40-35, Shoop Ave., Wauseon, $37, $80.

Elizabeth J. Meade, Holgate, disobeyed traffic signal, N. Shoop Ave. at Airport Hwy., Wauseon, $37, $80.

Tracy W. Rudolph, Archbold, failed to maintain assured clear distance ahead, S. Defiance St., $102, $80.

Marcial G. Sandoval, Montpelier, disobeyed traffic control device, US20A at Co. Rd. 14, $37, $80.

Janet M. Skidmore, Maumee, speeding, 41-25, W. Leggett St., Wauseon, $39, $88.

Brandon Earl Suttles, Defiance, speeding, 49-35, S. Shoop Ave., Wauseon, $77, $80.

Theresa E. Taylor, rural Bryan, failed to maintain assured clear distance ahead, S. Defiance St., $102, $80.

Mary K. Thomas, rural Delta, speeding, 41-25, Ottokee St., Wauseon, $47, $80.

Carol J. Tuckerman, rural Delta, failed to yield from stop sign, Co. Rd. 14 at Co. Rd. L, $102, $80.

During this session, Western District Court dealt with four violations on the Ohio Turnpike, two speeding, one seat belt.)

Traffic And Criminal

Tiffany Atchison, Wauseon, disorderly conduct, $50 fine, $70 costs.

Rosendo Garcia, Fayette, DUI, US20A, three days jail, credit for two days served, $375 fine, $88 costs, 180-day driver license suspension; charge of no driver license dismissed.

Diana Jimenez, Archbold, theft, two days jail, $100 fine, $75 costs, 30 hours community service, probation.

Melissa Leija, Archbold, theft, five days jail, $100 fine, $75 costs, 30 hours community service.

Scott McJilton, rural Wauseon, failed to confine dog, $25 fine, $46 costs; failed to require dog to wear tag, $25 fine, $90 costs,

Chad A. Miller, rural Fayette, DUI, Co. Rd. I, $500 fine, $85 costs, 180- day driver license suspension, occupational, medical, and probation driving privileges granted, 30 hours community service; charge of driving left of center dismissed.

David W. Miller, Jr., Kunkle, speeding, 68-55, US20, $47 fine, $80 costs.

Lillie McCullough, Wauseon, no license, Linfoot St., Wauseon, $50 fine, $100 costs, 100 hours community service.

Clark I. Nofziger, Jr., Wauseon, failed to maintain assured clear distance ahead, Shoop Ave., Wauseon, $50 fine, $80 costs.

Frederick D. Shelden, rural Wauseon, seat belt, Ottokee St., Wauseon, $30 fine, $43 costs,

Eric J. Suarez, rural Wauseon, allowed dog to run at large, $85 fine, $75 costs; no dog license, $85 fine, $75 costs.

David P. Tressler III, rural Delta, driving while license suspended (child support forfeiture) W. Elm St., Wauseon, 12 days jail, credit for 12 days served, $250 fine, $110 costs, 180-day driver license suspension, 30 hours community service.

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