Archbold, OH

We’re All In This Together

“Unprecedented times.”

That’s a term that has been used over and over again to describe life in the days of the Coronavirus.

The thing is, these are unprecedented times. Never before in our lifetimes have we been ordered to stay in our homes for days or even weeks, prohibited from congregating, even to gather together to worship. Never before (in recent memory) has school been cancelled for weeks… and possibly for the rest of the academic year. Never before has an election been postponed.

While these times are unprecedented, they are not the end. There is still food in the stores. The water comes on when you turn the tap. The lights come on when you flip the switch. You can still pick up your phone and call your friends and relatives. The Internet still works.

When you call for help, the police, firefighters, and rescue crews still respond.

We have survived unprecedented times before. We will do it again.

It is more important than ever to support each other right now. Get carryout food from our local restaurants. Buy groceries and essentials from our local stores. Many local businesses are considered “essential” during these times– be sure to use them. Shop from their websites.

And when our “non-essential” businesses are allowed to reopen, be sure to support them.

We’re all in this together. Remember, “This, too, shall pass.”