Archbold, OH

Welcome Home, Archbold Furniture Co.

The return of the Archbold Furniture Company to Archbold is welcome news.

The company’s roots in Archbold stretch back to the first days of the last century, when the Gigax family built and sold ladders. The company grew and evolved into Archbold Furniture, which left town in 1998 for West Unity.

Archbold Furniture was looking for a better facility. In 1998, there simply was nothing available in Archbold- all industrial buildings were full to bursting.

A decade later, economic times have changed. Some Archbold factories have closed their doors, employees have been let go, and now space is available.

Archbold Furniture takes over the former home of Young Spring & Wire, which shut down in 2006 after 48 years in the village.

Some would say replacing Young Spring & Wire’s 168 jobs with Archbold Furniture’s 50 or so is a net loss. Not so; in today’s economy, any gain is cause for great celebration.

Archbold Furniture’s move is bad news for West Unity, but the company stayed in Northwest Ohio, accessible to its employee base. It didn’t move to lowwage states in the South, or out of the country to the other side of the world.

Welcome back, Archbold Furniture. We’re glad you came back home.

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