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“Wave Walkers” Win Bible Quiz Meet

Bible quizzers enjoyed cheering on their coaches who were called up for a surprise match at the beginning of the quiz meet at Tedrow Mennonite Church, Sunday, Feb. 3.

Entertaining the crowd were coaches Ryan Short, Central; Joann Grieser, Tedrow; Keri Nofziger, King’s Cross; Gideon Engleberth, Eastland Baptist; Lisa Armstrong, North Clinton; Nick Stamm, Pettisville Missionary; Keeley Perez, Stryker Baptist; and Marla Miller, Tedrow.

The opening also included praise and worship songs by Tedrow quizzers and a prayer by area coordinator, John Dinius.

For the first time this year, “Wave Walkers,” Eastland Baptist, had the highest average score of the day, 143.

“Fierce Babies,” Central, averaged 136 for second. “Huioi,” King’s Cross, averaged 121 for third.

Receiving fourth was “Several Skin Diseases,” North Clinton, with 117.

Two other teams also averaged over 100 points in their 18-question matches. With 113 was “Ravenous Wolves,” King’s Cross; the all-junior high team includes Stephen Delgado, Lydia Mosier, Preston Nofziger and Madie Tilley.

With 105 points, “Five Talents,”

Pettisville Missionary, has Carson Bennett, Joshua Norr, Samuel Ruffer, Hyatt and Zander Stamm.

A number of matches went down to the wire. A match between “Grapes from Thornbushes,” Tedrow and “Fierce Babies” (13-0) wasn’t decided until the 17th question when Jeremiah Rodriguez scored a team bonus and tipped the match to Central.

Also, the two teams of Pettisville Missionary, “5 Talents” and “Paralytics,” quizzed off to a tie at 90.

Everyone who quizzed on Sunday received a denarius (golden dollar), no matter if they quizzed out four times or simply participated, including the quizzers’ younger siblings who participated in a fun match.

This highlighted the parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard from Matthew 20, in which the master was generous to give everyone the same wage no matter how long they worked, symbolizing God’s gift of eternal life to all who believe.

Team Spirit day is planned for the fifth meet, Sunday, Feb. 17, 2 pm, at Pettisville Missionary Church. Material will cover Matthew 22-25.

A tournament involving over 70 teams from Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia is planned for March 15-17, hosted by teams from Champaign and Logan counties of Ohio.

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