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Wauseon Tops In “A” Grades On New School Report Cards

Of the seven school districts in Fulton County, Wauseon received the most “A” grades on the new Ohio Department of Education school and school district report cards.

The new report cards were issued Thursday, Aug. 22.

Rather than the five-tier system of “Excellent with Distinction,” the new cards are based on an A-F model.

Eventually, districts will receive additional grades plus an overall grade.

The grade cards featured nine grades for school districts during 2013.

Archbold earned three As, two Bs, three Cs, and a D.

Pettisville had three As, two Bs, two Cs, a D, and an F.


Wauseon received As in four areas: meeting 24 of 24 possible indicators, overall progress of students, and four- and five-year graduation rates.

ItearnedaBfortheperformance index score, and progress among gifted students.

It received Cs in “Progress” for students in the lowest 20% and students with disabilities, and for “Gap-Closing,” in which the state measures whether all students in the district, including minorities and the economically disadvantaged, are succeeding.

Wauseon schools got no Ds or Fs.

Fayette had three As, three Bs, and two Cs. There was no grade report for “Progress” among gifted students there.

The Pike-Delta-York district earned three As, three Bs, two Cs, and a D. The district four-year graduation rate was 82.1%, which earned a D.


Evergreen earned three As, two Bs, three Cs, and one D.

The D came in “Progress” among gifted students.

Swanton got the lowest number of As in the county, with two. The district received one B, and three Cs.

There were two Ds, in “Progress” among gifted students, and the five-year graduation rate, which was 82.9.

Swanton received an F in “Gap Closing.”

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