Archbold, OH

Watch Where You Park



Most people prefer to park our vehicles close to buildings. Generally, we don’t want to have to walk any farther than we have to when we go shopping, or dining, or to the bank.

But there’s no excuse for parking in spots that are designated with an International Symbol of Access, which many used to call a “handicapped parking space.”

Whether the space has the ISA painted on the pavement or has a sign posted at the front, don’t park there unless you have a handicap placard or handicap license plates to park there.

A parking space with an ISA– usually a blue square overlaid in white with an image of a person in a wheelchair– offers improved access for persons with disabilities… for example, persons who must use wheelchairs, or can’t walk far because of health issues.

Police must ticket anyone parked in a space with the ISA sign without displaying a placard hanging on the rear view mirror or handicap license plates. There is no acceptable excuse. Maybe we as citizens should start calling the police when we see cars parked illegally in these spots so more tickets can be issued. Maybe a few hundred dollars paid in fines each time would be a deterrent to parking in those spots.

Businesses with ISA spots must do their part, also, making sure the ISA sign is repainted periodically so it’s visible.

Everyone should show more respect for each other. Be considerate of those who need those spaces. Be grateful your health is good enough that you don’t have to park there.