Archbold, OH

Wastewater From Landfill Treated In Pettisville

Ziad Musallam, Fulton County Director of Public Utilities, said wastewater seeping out of the closed Fulton County landfill is being treated at Pettisville, as it has been for about 15 years.

The landfill was closed about 35 years ago, but groundwater continues to seep into, and out of, the landfill.

County officials had a tile system built around a portion of the landfill to catch the polluted water that seeps out of the site.

The water that seeps or leaches out of the landfill site is called “leachate.”


After the tile was installed, Musallam said the leachate was pumped to the Delta wastewater treatment plant.

But the pollutants in the wastewater were stronger than Delta plant officials wanted to treat, so they asked Fulton County officials not to send leachate to Delta.

Now the material is pumped from the tile system collection point into a 1,000- gallon tanker truck, which is owned and operated by Fulton County.

The truck takes the leachate to a lagoon-based, aeration treatment plant on county property about a quarter-mile north of the landfill.

Musallam said after the leachate is pre-treated there, it is again pumped into the truck and hauled to the Pettisville extended lagoon treatment system.

The lagoon, he said, provides no chemical or mechanical treatment. The entire treatment process at the Pettisville facility is biological.

Twice a year, in November and April, treated wastewater from the lagoon system at Pettisville is drained into a creek.


Musallam said the entire leachate treatment process is permitted by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.