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Wage Hikes: Consider The Whole Story

Archbold Village Council recently granted its employees wage hikes of up to 2.75%. The Archbold Library Board granted employees 3%.

Meanwhile, the negotiations between the Archbold Area School Board and the Archbold Education Association are stalled. The last word was teachers rejected a 1.5% increase in base wages.

It appears that either council and library board are generous, or school board is stingy. But there is more to the story.

Ed Leininger, councilman and chairman of the finance committee, said that two years ago village employees were required to pay a larger share of their health insurance costs. A year ago, employee overtime was eliminated or reduced, and the wage increase was about a full percentage point below the cost of living index.

Archbold Area School District teachers did make some concessions in their insurance package; but remember, many teachers will receive an automatic “step” increase in their pay, for completing another year of service. That increase for 2007-08 averages about 1.96%.

With the current state of the economy, those in the private sector are not doing well. We have heard of raises ranging from a high of 3% to none at all.

In these tough times, those who have jobs are thankful. Those who get raises from taxpayer money should be especially thankful.

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