Archbold, OH

Voters To Decide On Two State Issues

Across the state, voters will be asked to render a decision on two ballot issues when they go to the polls for the Tuesday, Nov. 7 General Election.

State Issue 1 is a Rights for Crime Victims proposed constitutional amendment. It was proposed by initiative petition.

If approved, the amendment “will expand the rights of victims… and require that the rights of victims be protected as vigorously as the rights of the accused.”

Among the provisions, it requires that victims be notified of the release or escape of the accused.

Known as Marsy’s Law, the bill is named for Marsy Nicholas, a California college student who was stalked and murdered by an ex-boyfriend in 1983.

A week after the death, her mother and her brother walked into a grocery store and saw the accused murderer. They had no idea he had been released on bail.

State Issue 2 is known as the Ohio Drug Price Relief Act. A proposed law, it was placed on the ballot by initiative petition.

If approved, Issue 2 would limit the amount state agencies pay for prescription drugs to no more than that paid by the Veterans’ Administration.

Federal law allows the VA to negotiate with drug companies for reduced prices.

The bill only impacts those who receive drugs paid for by the state of Ohio. Those with any other type of drug coverage are not affected. If passed, the state would be required to pay the petitioners’ “reasonable attorney fees and other expenses” in defending the law and “require the attorney general to defend the law if challenged in court.”

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