Archbold, OH

Voters Realize Fire Department Value

Voters in German Township did well to approve a replacement property tax levy for the Archbold-German Township Fire Department.

In these difficult economic times, choosing to accept any additional financial burden gives one pause. But the voters recognized how important the fire department is to the community.

The Archbold Fire Department protects our homes and property. It stands guard to fight fires in businesses and factories, protecting our livelihoods. More than that, it protects our very lives.

Staffed by men and women who are paid a very modest sum to give untold hours of their time to serve their community, the department has been able to purchase the best available equipment over the years.

But the original levy, passed in 1969, can’t keep up with 21st century economic realities; hence, the need for the replacement.

With the new levy on the books, the fire department membership, working with the township trustees, can look into updating some of its equipment and replacing some of the oldest and most trouble-prone fire trucks in its fleet.

Voters recognized a relatively small investment in tax dollars pays big dividends in protection.

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