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Voter Turnout About 48% In Fulton, Henry Counties On Nov. 2

Kandice Lemley, director of the Fulton County Board of Elections, said of the 30,562 registered voters in Fulton County, 14,527 cast ballots in the Nov. 2 General Election.

That gave Fulton County a voter turnout of 47.5%.

In Henry County, Grace Speiser, director of the Board of Elections, said of 20,582 registered votes, 10,004 cast ballots, for a turnout of 48.61%.

Lemley said the 47.5% “was right about what we were thinking.

“Melanie Gilders, board deputy director, said about 48%, so she was right there,” Gilders said.

Speiser said based on early voting in Henry County, she was anticipating 55% voter turnout.

“It was a hyped-up election, but I’ll take that, 48%. That’s good,” she said.

The election night counts are unofficial.


Lemley said the Fulton County Board of Elections will meet Tuesday, Nov. 16, to conduct the final and official count. None of the Fulton County issues are close enough to warrant a recount.

The state requires boards to conduct recounts automatically if the winning vote total does not exceed the losing vote total by 1/2 of 1% of the total votes cast.

Speiser said her board will meet Wednesday, Dec. 15, at 5 pm to certify the Henry County totals.

One race in Henry County, a request for 1.7 additional mills for permanent improvements in the village of Holgate, may be close enough to recount.

Speiser said she won’t know for sure until her county’s provisional ballots are counted.

The unofficial count was 147 against to 143 in favor.

Lemley said for her first election as director, she thought the election went well.

“There were no major glitches,” she said.

Speiser said the Henry County election went smoothly.

“We always have a few minor problems, but overall it went very well,” she said.

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