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Voter Registration Deadline Is Oct. 4

The deadline to register to vote in the Nov. 2 General Election is Monday, Oct. 4. It’s important for all persons eligible to register, and go to the polls to cast a ballot.

There are local issues and candidates on the ballot.

There are also state-level candidates who want your vote, and those who back them will do just about anything to get it.

Political attack ads have already started, bent on destroying one or the other in the eyes of the voters. Garish graphics, ominous music, and still photos are chosen to make the opponent look as ugly as possible. Then there are the halftruths, misrepresented facts, and taken-out-of-context statements. Political mudslingers will stop just short of saying the opposing candidate eats dirt and howls at the moon– maybe.

If years past are any indication, step up to the voting machine, hold your nose, and vote.

The unfortunate part of the attack ads is they work. They get people elected.

Oh, don’t we wish it weren’t so?

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