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Village To Plant Larger Trees In Memorial Park

Jim Wyse, Archbold mayor, said the village street tree committee has approved purchasing larger, more mature trees to replace trees lost to the emerald ash borer.

The insect, believed to have come from China in shipping crates, has been destroying ash trees in Ohio. It was first detected in 2003.

Speaking to council at its Monday night, Oct. 6 meeting, Wyse said the regular treeplanting program had come in under budget, so the tree committee approved purchasing trees with three inch trunks to replace trees lost to the ash borer.

He said the committee believes all the ash trees in Memorial Park will be dead within two years because of the borer.

In response to a question from Brad Grime, councilman, Jennifer Kidder, parks and recreation director, said village workers had checked some of the ash trees and had seen signs of infestation.

Soon after the ash borer was discovered in Ohio, state officials began an aggressive campaign of cutting down ash trees to prevent the spread of the insect. But Dennis Howell, Archbold village administrator, said the state abandoned the program.

"It’s a lost cause," he said.

When asked if there were chemical treatments to prevent EAB infestation, Howell said for the number of ash trees in the village, the cost is prohibitive. Plus, companies recommend treatments starting two years before infestation.

Plus, Kidder said none of the available treatments are guaranteed.

"We have a list of products that are out there," Howell said.

Wyse said there are trees on East Lutz Road that are infested. He said half will be removed this year, and half, next.

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