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Village Plans Work On Clyde’s Way

The village of Archbold is seeking bids for the resurfacing of Clyde’s Way from West Barre Road to East Lutz Road.

Bob Seaman, village engineer, said the estimated cost is $300,000, with a completion date of Dec. 1.

Since part of the road is under the jurisdiction of the German Township trustees, Seaman told Archbold village council at its Monday, Aug. 18 meeting, that the trustees will be responsible for a $45,000 share of the project.

“Typically, the asphalt plants close around Thanksgiving and the paving contractors are looking for fall work,” so there should be no problem meeting the Dec. 1 completion date, Seaman said.

Some Grinding

Seaman said since most of the road does not have curbs and gutters, there’s no need to grind off the existing pavement to make the new road surface match the gutters.

But there will be limited pavement grinding.

At the south end of the project, there are curbs and gutters at the West Barre Road intersection.

The existing pavement surface will be removed in that area to insure the pavement remains level with the concrete gutters.

Also, pavement will be ground off underneath the railroad overpass, to maintain the clearance between the road surface and the overpass itself.

Also, Seaman said some pavement grinding will occur around Sauder Woodworking concrete driveway approaches.

While most of the project involves simply laying new asphalt over old, an approximately 1,100-foot portion of the road will receive additional work.

Seaman said the stretch of pavement from the end of the curb-and-gutter section at the West Barre Road intersection to the southern bridge over Brush Creek has never had any work done to it, possibly for decades.

Some rutting of the roadway is taking place, caused by failure of the asphalt base, he said.

The contractor who gets the job will utilize a process called “asphalt base recycling” to re-do the section of roadway.

First, the existing asphalt will be pulverized, then the material that’s left will be mixed with fresh liquid asphalt.

That mixture will be pul- verized a second time to insure the old and new materials are thoroughly mixed before it’s laid again.

Once the recycled material is laid, there will be two layers, or “courses,” of asphalt applied over it.

Seaman said the present road surface is thick enough. Workers from the village street department took two core samples of the roadway.

In one case, the asphalt was 10 inches thick.

When they attempted to take a second sample, their drill bottomed out at 11 inches, and they were still in asphalt.

“So we know there’s enough pavement there,” Seaman said.

No Bids

In another project, the village received no bids for a project that called for repairs to the concrete curbs and gutters on East Lugbill and Myers roads, in the southeast quadrant.

Seaman said in advertising for bids, the village required that the work be competed this year.

He said he has since learned that concrete contractors are busy through the rest of the year.

If the completion date is put back into 2015, Seaman said he anticipates getting some interest in the project.


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