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Village Opts For More Expensive Pickup Truck

Because of production delays, Archbold Village Council voted to purchase a more expensive pickup truck during its Monday, Jan. 7 meeting.

Council opted to purchase

2019 Ford F 250 threequarter ton pickup for the village wastewater department.

Donna Dettling, village administrator, said Mike Short, wastewater treatment plant superintendent, went through a quote process rather than seeking formal bids to purchase the truck.

Quotes were obtained from local dealerships, Terry Henricks Ford and Terry Henricks Chrysler-Dodge- Jeep-Ram.

Christy Motor Sales, a Chevrolet dealer in Archbold, did not submit a quote.

Dettling said Chrysler stopped production of new Ram trucks at its factory in Mexico. Ram production will be moved to Detroit.

“It will take a while” before Ram trucks become available, she said.

The price of the F-250 is

25,041.82. The Ram is about $1,200 less, Dettling said.

The Ford is available right away. The Ram truck won’t be ready until production starts in Detroit.

Short needs a truck now, she said.

Council discussed purchasing the truck from a local dealer versus buying one through the state bidding program.

Local dealers have to discount the vehicles heavily to compete with the state bid, a councilman said.

Fryman said to compensate dealers for the reduction in profit from the sale, “We might as well throw them a bone, and have them do the service work.”

Brad Short, a councilman, said the major auto companies will compensate dealers for some price reductions due to sales incentives.

In other business, council passed legislation necessary to allow the village to sell surplus items through the Internet website,

Dettling said the village has disposed of old vehicles and gets more money for them by selling through the site.

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